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Massage Therapy

The therapist blends a variety of techniques to give the client the most effective and enjoyable massage possible.


Quick Revival

Don't have time for an hour of massage?  Try our 30 minute session.  It's long enough to revive and relax those tight muscles so you're on your way again.



Sweet Dreams

Enjoy a 60 minute massage to unwind, relax the mind, muscles and take your
cares away.  You may even get a nap in during your massage.



Ultimate Indulgence

Indulge in the ultimate massage.  90 minutes of pampering from head to toe,
takes all your stress away, leaving you totally relaxed.






Sit in our steam cabinet for 15 minutes before you indulge in a massage.  Let the
steam embrace those tight muscles, melting away that achy feeling.



Steam Packs

Do you have pain in your neck or back?  Our steam packs stay in 160 degree water.  We slip them into terry cloth insulated covers and apply them to your shoulders or back to relax tight muscles before your massage.  Great for specific areas that need extra attention.

**this is used as a complimentary service.


Paraffin Wax Treatments

Have your hands massaged with collagen lotion, then dipped 5 times in our peach paraffin wax for the ultimate hand treatment.

Massage & Dip $15.00
Dip only $10.00


More Pampering


Fabulous Foot Bath

Slide your feet into a massaging bubble bath for 15 minutes, taking away all the cares of the day.  Next, enjoy a sea salt scrub to remove rough skin on the heels and toes, leaving your skinsmooth as silk.  Top it off with a peach paraffin wax dip, leaving your feet totally pampered and moisturized.



Ultimate Body Glow

Rejuvenate your skin and body with an Essential Elements Sea Salt Scrub or Shea Butter Souffle Body Wrap.  The sea salt scrub exfoliates dry skin and leaves skin refreshed.  The body wrap nourishes and hydrates skin while soothing muscle aches and tension.



"Pamper Me" Day

Start with 15 minutes in the steam cabinet.  Thne have a sea salt scrub, a hot rinsing shower, one hour of massage and Shea Butter Souffle & Body Wrap.  To complete the pampering, enjoy a paraffin wax for the hands and feet.



Also Available.....

  • On-site chair massage inthe workplace
  • Corporate Discounts
  • Gift Certificates
  • Customized Massage & Spa Packages
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